Now Go Be Great

In life we often become comfortable in the boxes we build around us. Everyone often goes from one box to another, but always making sure no walls fall down. Inside contains passages of motivational and revitalized ways of thinking outside your box. While inspiring you not just to be alive but too live.

We all have different paths and trials we encounter on our journey. With this book you will be inspired daily by each one. Positive vibrations for your eyes to feel. Passages that will spark motivational thoughts from within to help or to enjoy life on a daily basis.


So what is strong?

Is it doing right when you know wrong?

Or holding your tears during that sad song?

Is it standing in the rain,

When knowing there is no chance of the sun removing your pain?

or following your heart.

Instead of your brain?

Could it be refusing to change?

what about taking the blame?

Moreover, you cannot forget the feeling of shame

i embrace pain

See pain is a gain

That is why the strong move on,

And the weak,

Never seem to hit there peek

Dreams turned bleak

Now strong has become my definition of


A Key Of Motivation

If you are disappointed too anything and want to motivate yourself with the best poetry of all time. Then you have come to the right place. Through this book you are getting revitalized and never before seen motivational ways to change your thinking about your own life. It will bring such a beautiful era of your life into your reality. Ask yourself are you living or just alive?

Buy now and begin to illuminate happiness in your life and others.